RARE 1881 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Cookery Vintage Victorian Recipes Miss Parloa Pastry

RARE 1881 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Cookery Vintage Victorian Recipes Miss Parloa Pastry

RARE 1881 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Cookery Vintage Victorian Recipes Miss Parloa Pastry

MISS PARLOAS NEW COOK BOOK, A Guide to Marketing and Cooking. Published in 1881 by Estes and Lauriat, Boston. Book measures 7.5 x 5.5 Original green illustrated cloth hardcover. 430 pages plus section of black pages for additional "Receipts" - some pages have been used - written in a fine hand. Previous owners name on preliminary page.

Original Illustrated green cloth cover, title in gilt on spine. Flour Graham Indian Meal Rye Meal Oat Meal Cracked Wheat Hominy Sugar Spice English Currants Raisins Soda, Cream of Tartar, Baking Powder To Be Always Kept on Hand. CHAPTER THREE CARE OF FOOD.

Remarks on Soup Stock How to Make Mixed Stock How to Make Stock for Clear Soups How to Make Mixed Stock Consomme Bouillon How to Make White Stock How to Make Consomme a la Royale How to Make Cheese Soup How to Make Thick Vegetable Soup How to Make Mulligatawney Soup How to Make Mulligatawney Soup No. 2 How to Make Green Turtle Soup How to Make Black Bean Soup How to Make Scotch Broth How to Make Meg Merilies Soup How to Make Okra Soup How to Make Okra Soup No.

2 How to Make Grouse Soup How to Make Spring Soup How to Make Spring and Summer Soup without Stock How to Make Giblet Soup How to Make Potage a la Reine How to Make Tomato Soup How to Make Mock Bisque Soup How to Make Onion Soup How to Make Potato Soup How to Make Asparagus Soup How to Make Pumpkin Soup How to Make Cream of Celery Soup How to Make Tapioca Cream Soup How to Make Cream of Rice Soup How to Make Cream of Barley Soup How to Make Yacht Oyster Soup How to Make Lobster Soup with Milk How to Make Lobster Soup with Stock How to Make Philadelphia Clam Soup How to Make Fish Chowder How to Make Corn Chowder How to Make Corn Soup How to Make Glaze How to Make French Paste for Soups How to Make Egg Balls How to Make Fried Bread for Soups. A General Chapter on Fish Boiled Fish How to Make Court Bouillon How to Make Boiled Cod with Lobster Sauce How to Make Boiled Haddock with Lobster Sauce How to Make Cold Boiled Fish a la Vinaigrette Baked Fish Broiled Fish How to Broil Halibut Broiled Halibur with Maitre dHotel Butter Stewed Fish Fried Fish Salt Fish Souffle Cusk a la Crème Escaloped Fish How to Make Turbot a la Crème Matelote of Codfish Smelts a la Tartare Smelts as a Garnish Fish Au Gratin Eels a la Tartare Stewed Eels Oysters Oysters on the Half Shell Oysters on a Block of Ice Roasted Oysters on Toast Oysters Panned in their own Liquor Oysters Panned in the Shell Oyster Saute Oysters Roasted in the Shell Little Pigs in Blankets Fricaseed Oysters Creamed Oysters Croustade of Oysters Escaloped Oysters Escaloped Oysters No.

2 Oysters Served in Escaloped Shells Oyster Chartreuse How to Pickle Oysters Lobster How to Open a Lobster Lobster Broiled in the Shell Broiled Lobster Breaded Lobster Stewed Lobster Curry of Lobster Devilled Lobster in the Shell Escaloped Lobster Lobster Cutlets Canned Lobster Other Shell-Fish Stewed Terrapins Soft Shell Crabs. Boiling Leg of Mutton Lamb Boiled Ham Salt Tongue Fresh Tongue Corned Beef Roasting Roasting in the Oven Rolled Rib Roast Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding Fillet of Veal, roasted Roast Ham Broiling Mutton Chops Beef Steak Miscellaneous Modes Braised Beef Fricandeau of Veal Leg of Lamb a la Francaise Braised Breast of Lamb Beef Stew Irish Stew Toad in the Hole Scotch Roll. CHAPTER EIGHT POULTRY AND GAME.

How to Clean and Truss Poultry Fowl and Pork Boiled Fowl with Macaroni Boiled Turkey with Celery Boiled Turkey Roast Turkey Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Sauce Boned Turkey Roast Goose Roast Duck Roast Chicken Chicken a la Matelote Chicken a la Reine Chicken a la Tartare Broiled Chicken Chicken Stew with Dumplings Larded Grouse Larded Partridges Larded Quail Broiled Quail Broiled Pigeons Broiled Small Birds Small Birds, Roasted Potted Pigeons Pigeons in Jelly Roast Rabbit Curry of Rabbit Saddle of Venison Roast Leg of Venison. Fillet of Beef, Larded Fillet of Beef a la Hollandaise Fillet of Beef in Jelly Fillet of Beef a lAllemand Alamode Beef Macaronied Beef Cannelon of Beef Cannelon of Beef No. 2 Beef Roulette Beef Olives Veal Olives Fricandelles of Veal Braised Tongue Fillets of Tongue Escaloped Tongue Tongue in Jelly Lambs Tongues in Jelly Lambs Tongues, Stewed Stewed Ox Tails Ox Tails a la Tartare Haricot of Ox Tails Ragout of Mutton Ragout of Veal Chicken Pie Pasties of Game and Poultry Cold Game Pie Pates de Foie Gras Chartreuse of Chicken Chartreuse of Vegetables and Game Chartreuse of Chicken and Macaroni Galatine of Turkey Galatine of Veal Chicken in Jelly Chicken Chaud Froid How to Remove a Fillet from a Fowl or Bird Chicken Fillets, Larded and Breaded Chicken Fillets, Braised Chicken Fillets, Saute Chicken Curry Veal Curry Chicken Quenelles Chicken Quenelles, Stuffed Chicken Quenelles, Breaded Veal Quenelles Chicken Pillau Chicken Souffle Fried Chicken Blanquette of Chicken Blanquette of Veal and Ham Salmis of Game Game Cutlets a la Royale Cutlets a la Duchesse Cutlets served in Papillotes Veal Cutlets with White Sauce Mutton Cutlets, Crumbed Mutton Cutlets, Breaded Stewed Steak with Oysters Rice Borders Potato Border How to Make a Croustade How to Make Cheese Souffle Rissoles Fritter Batter Fritter Batter No. 2 Chicken Fritters Apple Fritters Fruit Fritters Oyster Fritters Clam Fritters Cream Fritters Potato Fritters Croquettes Royal Croquettes Royal Croquettes No.

2 Oyster Croquettes Lobster Croquettes Salmon Croquettes Shad Roe Croquettes Rice and Meat Croquettes Rice Croquettes Potato Croquettes Chicken Croquettes Other Croquettes Large Vol-au-Vent Vol-au-Vent of Chicken Vol-au-Vent of Sweetbreads Vol-au-Vent of Salmon Vol-au-Vent of Oysters Vol-au-Vent of Lobster Patties How to Make Chicken Patties Veal Patties Lobster Patties Oyster Patties Crust Patties Sweetbreads How to Clean Sweetbreads Sweetbreads Larded and Baked How to Make Sweetbread Saute How to Make Broiled Sweetbreads How to Make Breaded Sweetbreads How to Make Sweetbread in Cases Pancakes. Mayonnaise Dressing Salad Dressing Made at the Table Cream Salad Dressing Red Mayonnaise Dressing Green Mayonnaise Dressing Aspic Mayonnaise Dressing Boiled Salad Dressing Sour Cream Salad Dressing Sardine Dressing Salad Dressing without Oil Salad Dressing with Butter Bacon Salad Dressing French Salad Dressing Chicken Salad Lobster Salad Salmon Salad Oyster Salad How to Make Sardine Salad How to Make Shad Roe Salad Salads of Fish Polish Salad Beef Salad Meat and Potato Salad How to Make Bouquet Salad Cauliflower Salad Asparagus Salad Asparagus and Salmon Salad Cucumber Salad Tomato Salad Cabbage Salad Hot Cabbage Salad Vegetable Salad Red Vegetable Salad How to Make Potato Salad Potato Salad No.

2 Cooked Vegetables in Salad Dressed Celery Lettuce Salad. CHAPTER ELEVEN MEAT AND FISH SAUCES. How to Make Brown Sauce How to Make White Sauce White Sauce No. 4 Bechamel Sauce How to Make Cream Bechamel Sauce Allemande Sauce Cream Sauce Cream Sauce No. 2 Polish Sauce Robert Sauce Supreme Sauce Olive Sauce How to Make Flemish Sauce Chestnut Sauce Celery Sauce Brown Mushroom Sauce Brown Mushroom Sauce No.

2 White Mushroom Sauce Beurre Noir Maitre DHotel Butter Maitre DHotel Hollandaise Sauce Lobster Sauce Butter Sauce White Oyster Sauce Brown Oyster Sauce Shrimp Sauce Anchovy Sauce Egg Sauce Fine Herbs Sauce Caper Sauce Mustard Sauce Curry Sauce Vinaigrette Sauce Piquant Sauce Tomato Sauce Tartare Sauce Champagne Sauce Port Wine Sauce for Game Currant Jelly Sauce Bread Sauce for Game. CHAPTER TWELVE FORCE-MEAT AND GARNISHES. Force Meat for Game Ham Force-Meat How to Make Veal Force-Meat How to Make Chicken Force-Meat Fish Force-Meat Jelly Border Marinade for Fish Cold Marinade How to Get Onion Juice How to Make Spinach Green Points of Lemon How to Make a Bouquet of Sweet Herbs. Potatoes Boiled Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Puree of Potato Potato Puffs Riced Potato Potato a la Royale Potatoes a lItalienne Thin Fried Potatoes French Fried Potatoes Potatoes a la Parisienne How to Make Potato Balls Fried in Butter Potatoes Baked with Roast Beef Broiled Potatoes Lyonnaise Potatoes Duchess Potatoes Housekeepers Potatoes Potatoes a la Maitre dHotel Stewed Potatoes Creamed Potatoes Escaloped Potatoes Potato Souffle Sweet Potatoes French Fried Sweet Potatoes Plain Boiled Macaroni Macaroni in Gravy Macaroni with Cream Sauce Macaroni with Tomato Sauce Macaroni with Cheese Macaroni a lItalienne Stuffed Tomatoes Stuffed Tomatoes No. 2 How to Make Escaloped Parsnip Asparagus with Cream How to Make Green Peas a la Francais Minced Cabbage Minced Spinach Cauliflower with Cream Sauce How to Make Escaloped Cauliflower Stewed Celery with Cream Sauce Celery Stewed in Stock Stewed Okra Okra Stewed with Tomatoes Escaloped Okra and Tomatoes Fried Egg Plant Boiled Rice Corn Oysters How to Make New Bedford Corn Pudding Pickled Beets Baked Beans. CHAPTER FOURTEEN PIES AND PUDDINGS. Puff Paste Chopped Paste French Paste for Raised Pies How to Make a Pie Mince Pie Meat Squash Pies Sweet Potato Pies Lemon Pie Orange Pies How to Make Chocolate Pies Hot Puddings Custard Souffle How to Make Cabinet Pudding English Plum Pudding Rachel Plum Pudding Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Roll Pudding Ground Rice Pudding Rice Pudding How to Make German Puffs How to Make Down East Pudding Amber Pudding Fig Pudding Date Pudding Apple Tapioca Pudding Baked Apple Pudding How to Make Dutch Apple Pudding Apple Souffle Apple and Rice Pudding Eves Pudding Batter and Fruit Pudding Amherst Pudding How to Make Swiss Pudding How to Make Delicate Indian Pudding How to Make Indian and Apple Pudding Cold Puddings Royal Pudding Cold Tapioca Pudding How to Make Danish Pudding How to Make Black Pudding Almond Pudding Jenny Lind Pudding Peach Meringue Pudding Apple Meringue Pudding Frozen Cabinet Pudding Frozen Cabinet Pudding No. 2 Peach Pudding Orange Pudding Orange Pudding No. 2 How to Make Royal Diplomatic Pudding Orange Diplomatic Pudding Lemon Diplomatic Pudding Birds Nest Pudding Quince Iced Pudding How to Make Princess Pudding How to Make Apple Porcupine Sauces Rich Wine Sauce How to Make Creamy Sauce Foaming Sauce German Sauce German Sauce No.

2 How to Make Lemon Sauce How to make Cream Sauce Vanilla Sauce Molasses Sauce Caramel Sauce Quince Sauce Apricot Sauce. Blanc-Mange made with Sea Moss Farina Blanc-Mange made with Gelatin Blanc-Mange made with Isinglass Chocolate Blanc-Mange Cream a la Versailles Royal Cream Lemon Sponge Orange Sponge Peach Sponge How to Make Strawberry Sponge Pineapple Sponge Strawberry Bavarian Cream Orange Bavarian Cream Peach Bavarian Cream Pineapple Bavarian Cream Almond Bavarian Cream Chocolate Bavarian Cream Coffee Bavarian Cream Directions for Freezing How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream No.

2 Lemon Ice Cream Lemon Ice Cream No. 2 Orange Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream No.

2 How to Make Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream a la Surprise Raspberry Ice Cream Apricot Ice Cream Peach Ice Cream Banana Ice Cream Chocolate Ice Cream Brown Bread Ice Cream How to Make Macaroon Ice Cream Dohertys Description Coffee Ice Cream Caramel Ice Cream Almond Ice Cream Almond Ice Cream No. 2 Pistachio Ice Cream Walnut Ice Cream Cocoanut Ice Cream Fig Ice Cream Glace Meringue Bombe Glacee Frozen Pudding Nesselrode Pudding How to Make Lemon Sherbet Lemon Sherbet No. 2 Orange Sherbet Pineapple Sherbet Pineapple Sherbet No.

2 Strawberry Sherbet Strawberry Sherbet No. 2 Raspberry Sherbet Raspberry Sherbet No. 2 Currant Sherbet Currant Sherbet No. 2 Frozen Strawberries Frozen Peaches Frozen Apricots Biscuit Glace Biscuit Glace No. W How to Make Chocolate Souffle Orange Souffle Surprise Souffle Omelet Souffle a la Crème Omelet Souffle a la Poele Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe No.

2 Apple Charlotte Calfs Foot Jelly Wine Jelly Cider Jelly Lemon Jelly Orange Jelly Currant Jelly Strawberry Jelly Pineapple Jelly Coffee Jelly Soft Custard Soft Caramel Custard Chocolate Whips Kisses How to Make Cream Meringue Kiss Wafers Brier Hill Dessert Richmond Maids of Honor Fanchonettes Fruit Glace Gateau Saint Honore. How to Make Rice Cake How to Make Silver Cake How to Make Gold Cake How to Make Angel Cake Sunshine Cake Demon Cake Ames Cake Black Cake White Fruit Cake Wedding Cake Ladys Cake Queens Cake How to Make Composition Cake Ribbon Cake Regatta Cake Nut Cake Snow Flake Cake Federal Cake Sponge Rusks Taylor Cake Loaf Cake Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake No. 2 Orange Cake Railroad Cake Hot Water Sponge Cake Sponge Cake No. 2 Viennois Cake Dominos Lady-Fingers Sponge Drops Sponge Cake for Charlotte Russe Jelly Roll Molasses Pound Cake Soft Gingerbread Hard Gingerbread How to Make Canada Gingerbread Fairy Gingerbread Shewsbury Cake Jumbles Seed Cakes Cookies Hermits Kneaded Plum Cake Eclairs Chocolate Éclairs Vanilla Eclairs Frosting How to Make Chocolate Icing Chocolate Icing No. 2 Caramel Frosting Golden Frosting Marking Cakes in Gold.

How to Preserve Strawberries Raspberries Cherries Currants Pineapple Grated Pineapple Blackberries Whortleberries Crab-Apples Pears Peaches Brandied Peaches Plums Damsons Quinces Sour Oranges Grapes Apple Ginger Raspberry or Strawberry Jam Orange Marmalade Quince Marmalade Currant Jelly Barberry Jelly Grape Jelly Cider Apple Jelly Crab-Apple Jelly Other Jellies. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN PICKLES AND KETCHUPS. Pickled Blueberries Peaches, Pears and Sweet Apples Sweet Tomato Pickle Spiced Currants Pickled Cucumbers Pickled Cucumbers No.

2 Stuffed Peppers Mangoes Chopped Pickle Pickled Tomato Pickled Cauliflowers Tomato Ketchup Tomato Ketchup No. How to Pot Beef How to Pot Chicken How to Pot Tongue How to Pot Ham Potting Marble Veal Potting Fish How to Pot Lobster How to Pot Mackerel Potting Smelts. CHAPTER TWENTY BREAKFAST AND TEA. How to Make Meat Hash How to Make Vegetable Hash Breaded Sausages Meat Fritters Lyonnaise Tripe Meat and Potato Sandwiches Minced Veal and Eggs Mutton, Rechauffe Chicken in Jelly Chicken Cutlets Broiled Liver Liver Fried in Crumbs Liver in Bacon Liver Saute Liver Saute with Piquant Sauce Curry of Liver Chicken Livers, Saute Chicken Livers and Bacon Chicken Livers in Papillotes Stewed Kidneys Kidneys Saute Kidneys a la Maitre dHotel Ham and Eggs on Toast Ham Croquettes How to Make Canapees Welsh Rare-bit Welsh Rare-bit No. 2 Corn Pie Hominy Oatmeal Strawberry Short-Cake Sweet Strawberry Short-Cake Muffins and Cakes English Muffins Muffins No.

2 Raised Muffins Graham Muffins Raised Graham Muffins Corn Muffins Fried Indian Muffins Corn Cake Corn Cake No. 2 Raised Corn Cake Gems How to Make Hominy Drop-Cakes Squash Biscuit Sally Lunn Snow Pancakes Waffles Waffles No.

2 Raised Waffles Indian Waffles Flannel Cakes Graham Griddle Cakes Squash Griddle Cakes Indian Griddle Cakes Hominy Griddle Cakes Eggs Omelets Plain Omelet Quaker Omelet Cheese Omelet Ham Omelet Chicken Omelet Jelly Omelet Savory Omelet Fish Omelet Corn Omelet Baked Omelet Dropped Eggs Scrambled Eggs Poached Eggs Soft-boiled Eggs Soft Boiled Eggs No. 2 Hard Boiled Eggs Spanish Eggs Eggs Sur Le Plat Creamed Eggs Stuffed Eggs Scotch Egg Eggs Brouille. Calfs Liver, Braised How to Make Beef Stew Cold Meat with Puree of Potato Shepherds Pie Shepherds Pie No. 2 Escaloped Meat Curry of Cold Meat Barley Stew Dumplings. 2 Bread Made with Dried Yeast Sticks Graham Bread Togus Bread Brown Bread.

How to Make Cocoa Shells Chocolate Coffee Boiled Coffee Filtered Coffee Vienna Coffee Café au Lait Steamed Coffee Tea Lemonade. To Blanch Almonds To Corn Beef To Scrape Chocolate To Use the Salamander To Clean English Currants To Remove Jellies and Creams from Moulds To Whip Cream To Boil Sugar To Make and Use a Pastry Bag To Make Paper Cases To Lard To Stew To Braise To Fry To Serve.

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RARE 1881 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Cookery Vintage Victorian Recipes Miss Parloa Pastry