Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Modern Cookery Eliza Acton Illustrated Antique Victorian Cookbook Cooking Cookery Cook Chef Guide Domestic Economy Recipes Receipts Instruction Advice Hints Tips How-To Kitchen Housewife Housewifery Maid Mistress Vintage Antiquarian Meats Beef Mutton Veal Pork Chicken Turkey Poultry Waterfowl Game Birds Partridge Pheasant Pigeon Fish Shellfish Seafood Sauces Gravies Pastes Puddings Soups Vegetables Cakes Pies Desserts Tea Dishes Sweet Dishes Pastry Bread Buns Muffins Biscuits Jellies Jam Preserves Butter Milk Cream Cheese Eggs Macaroni Sugar Syrup Candy Tea Coffee Beverages Vinegar Catsup Pickles Fruits Wines Liqueurs Seasonings Rice Dishes Casseroles Stewing Roasting Frying Baking Boiling Broiling Sautees Fricassees Kitchen Pantry Cuisine Chef Cook Food Preparation Carving Trussing. MODERN COOKERY For Private Families, Reduced to a System of Easy Practice, in a Series of Carefully Tested Receipts By Eliza Acton. Published in 1890 by Keystone Publishing, Philadelphia.

Illustrated with many small text illustrations. Exterior as shown in photo. Text is lightly toned, clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. This is a rare 1890 edition of Eliza Actons landmark MODERN COOKERY FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES, the cookbook that established the now-universal format for all cookbooks that followed namely the practice of listing ingredients and giving suggested cooking times for each recipe.

THIS HISTORIC WORK CONTAINS NEARLY 1500 RECIPES! By her own account, Miss Acton took ten years to develop her cookery book, which was first published in January 1845 and written especially for the English middle classes. Acton's layout for each recipe was for the description of the cooking process followed by a list of ingredients and the total cooking time required for the preparation of the dish. With the inclusion of timings and ingredients, MODERN COOKERY differed from other cookery books, and was a development of Acton's own. Acton wrote that each recipe had been cooked and proved beneath our own roof and under our own personal inspection.

Reviews for MODERN COOKERY were positive, and the critic from The Morning Post considered it "unquestionably the most valuable compendium of the art that has yet been published". The review in The Spectator stated that the order of the book was "very natural", while "the methods are clearly described, and seem founded on chemical principles"; the reviewer for the Kentish Gazette also commended the clarity of the instructions, and the inclusion of ingredients and timings. The unnamed critic for The Atlas described the layout for the recipes to be "excellent"and, in a positive review in The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette , praise was given to "the intelligibility of the instructions which are given", which contrasted with other cookery books of the period. In 1857, when Isabella Beeton began writing the cookery column for The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine , many of the recipes were plagiarised from MODERN COOKERY. In 1861 Isabella's husband, Samuel, published Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management , which also contained several of Miss Acton's recipes. Food historian Bee Wilson considers many modern cookery writers to be indebted to Eliza Acton and her work, while others have described MODERN COOKERY as the greatest cookery book in our language. This is an 1890 edition of MODERN COOKERY, slightly updated and revised for American home-makers. Below you will find my summary of the recipes included in this historic work, followed by some of the illustrations that adorn its pages.

I hope you will take a moment to have a look. CHAPTER ONE SOUPS: A few directions to the cook How to thicken Soups To fry Bread to serve with Soup Sippets a la Reine To make Nouilles Vegetable Vermicelli Extract of Beef Bouillon Clear pale gravy soup, or consommé Another receipt for Gravy Soup Cheap clear Gravy Soup Glaze Vermicelli Soup Semolina Soup Macaroni Soup Potage aux Nouilles, or Taillerine Soup Sago Soup Tapioca Soup Rice Soup White Rice Soup Rice-flour Soup Stock for White Soup Mutton stock for Soup Common Carrot Soup A finer Carrot Soup Common Turnip Soup A quickly made Turnip Soup Potato Soup Apple Soup Parsnip Soup Westerfield White Soup Mock Turtle Soup Good Calfs Head Soup White Oyster Soup Brown Rabbit Soup Pigeon Soup Pheasant or Chicken Soup Partridge Soup Mullagatawny Soup How to boil Rice for Mullagatawny or for Curries An excellent Green Peas Soup Green Peas Soup without meat A cheap Green Peas Soup Oxtail Soup A cheap and good stew Soup Soup in haste Veal or Mutton Broth Milk Soup with Vermicelli.

CHAPTER TWO FISH: How to choose Fish How to clean Fish How to keep Fish How to sweeten Tainted Fish Mode of cooking best adapted to different kinds of Fish Best mode of Boiling Fish Brine for boiling Fish How to render Boiled Fish Firm How to know when Fish is sufficiently boiled or otherwise cooked How to bake Fish Fat for frying Fish How to keep Fish hot for Table How to boil a Turbot Turbot a la Crème Turbot au Bechamel Mould of cold Turbot with Shrimp Chutney How to boil a John Dory Small John Dories baked To boil a Brill To boil Salmon Salmon a la Genessee Crimped Salmon Salmon a la St. Marcel Baked Salmon over Mashed Potatoes Salmon Pudding To boil Cod Fish Slices of Cod Fish Fried Stewed Cod To boil Salt Fish Salt Fish a la Maitre dHotel To boil Cods Sounds To fry Cods Sounds in batter To fry Soles To boil Soles Fillets of Soles Soles au Pint Baked Soles Soles stewed in cream To fry Whitings Fillets of Whitings To boil Whitings Baked Whitings a la Francaise To boil Mackerel To bake Mackerel Baked Mackerel or Whitings, Cinderellas receipt Fried Mackerel (common French receipt) Fillets of Mackerel Boiled Fillets of Mackerel Mackerel broiled whole Mackerel stewed with wine Fillets of Mackerel stewed in wine To boil Haddocks Baked Haddocks To fry Haddocks To dress Finnan Haddocks To boil Gurnards Fresh Herrings To dress Sea Bream To boil Plaice or Flounders To fry Plaice or Flounders To fry Plaice or Flounders To roast, bake or broil Red Mullet To boil Grey Mullet To bake Gar Fish The Sand Launce or Sand Eel To fry Smelts Baked Smelts To dress White Bait Water Souchy, Greenwich receipt Shad, Touraine fashion Stewed Trout, good common receipt To boil Pike To bake Pike To stew Carp, a common country receipt To boil Perch To fry Perch or Tench To fry Eels Boiled Eels, German receipt To dress Eels, Cornish receipt Red Herrings a la Dauphin Red Herrings, common English made Anchovies fried in batter. CHAPTER THREE GRAVIES: Introductory Remarks To heighten the color and flavor of gravies Shin of Beef Stock for Gravies Rich Pale Veal Gravy or Consomme Rich deep Colored Veal Gravy Good Beef or Veal Gravy, English receipt A rich English brown Gravy Gravy for Venison Sweet Sauce or Gravy for Venison Espagnole, Spanish Sauce, a highly flavored gravy Gravy in haste Cheap Gravy for a Roast Fowl Another cheap Gravy for a fowl Gravy or Gravy Sauce for a Goose Orange gravy for Wild Fowl Meat Jellies for Pies and Sauces A cheaper Meat Jelly Glaze Aspic or clear Savoury Jelly. CHAPTER FOUR SAUCES: How to thicken Sauces French thickening or brown roux White Roux or French thickening Sauce Tournee or pale thickened Gravy Bechamel Bechamel Maigre Another common Bechamel Rich melted Butter Melted Butter French Melted Butter Norfolk Sauce White Melted Butter Burnt or browned Butter Clarified Butter Very good Egg Sauce Sauce of Turkeys Eggs Sauce Common Egg Sauce Egg Sauce for Calfs Head English White Sauce Very Common White Sauce Dutch Sauce Fricassee Sauce Bread Sauce Bread Sauce with Onion Common Lobster Sauce Good Lobster Sauce Crab Sauce Good Oyster Sauce Common Oyster Sauce Shrimp Sauce Anchovy Sauce Cream Sauce for Fish Sharp Maitre dHotel Sauce French Maitre dHotel Sauce or Stewards Sauce Maitre dHotel Sauce Maigre or without Gravy The Ladys Sauce for Fish Genevese Sauce or Sauce Genevoise Sauce Robert Sauce Piquante Excellent Horse Radish Sauce Hot Horse Radish Sauce Christopher Norths own Sauce for many Meats Gooseberry Sauce for Mackerel Neetmok Sauce Common Sorrel Sauce Asparagus Sauce for Lamb Cutlets Caper Sauce Brown Caper Sauce Caper Sauce for Fish Common Cucumber Sauce White Cucumber Sauce White Mushroom Sauce Another Mushroom Sauce Brown Mushroom Sauce Common Tomata Sauce A finer Tomata Sauce Boiled Apple Sauce Baked Apple Sauce Brown Apple Sauce White Onion Sauce Brown Onion Sauce Another brown Onion Sauce Soubise, French receipt Excellent Turnip or Artichoke Sauce Celery Sauce Sweet Pudding Sauce Punch Sauce for Sweet Puddings Common Pudding Sauce Delicious German Pudding Sauce Parsley Green for coloring Sauces Fried Parsley Tartar Mustard Another Tartar Mustard Mild Mustard Mustard the common way French batter for frying vegetables To prepare Bread for frying Fish Browned Flour for thickening Soups and Gravies Fried Bread Crumbs Fried Bread for Garnishing The Rajah's Sauce.

CHAPTER FIVE STORE SAUCES: Mushroom Catsup Double Mushroom Catsup Compound or Cook's Catsup Walnut Catsup Another Walnut Catsup Lemon Pickle or Catsup Pontac Catsup for Fish Boiled Tomatas or Tomata Catsup Epicurean Sauce Tarragon Vinegar Green Mint Vinegar Cucumber Vinegar Celery Vinegar Eschalot or Garlic Vinegar Eschalot Wine Horse-radish Vinegar Cayenne Vinegar Lemon Brandy for flavoring Sweet Dishes Store flavoring for puddings Dried Mushrooms Mushroom Powder Potato Flour To make Flour of Rice Powder of Savoury Herbs The Doctor's Zest. CHAPTER SIX FORCEMEATS: General remarks Good common Forcemeat for Veal, Turkeys, etc Another good common Forcemeat Superior Suet Forcemeat Common Suet Forcemeat Oyster Forcemeat Finer Oyster Forcemeat Mushroom Forcemeat Forcemeat for Hare Onion and Sage Stuffing for Geese, Ducks, etc Mr. Cookes Forcemeat for Geese or Ducks Forcemeat Balls for Mock Turtle Soup Egg Balls Brain Cakes Another receipt for Brain Cakes Chestnut Forcemeat An excellent French Forcemeat called Quenelles Forcemeat for Raised and other Cold Pies Panada. CHAPTER SEVEN BOILING, ROASTING, ETC. To Boil Meat Poelee A Blanc Roasting Steaming Stewing Broiling Frying Baking or Oven Cookery Braising Larding Boning To blanch meat or vegetables Glazing Toasting Browning with Salamander.

CHAPTER EIGHT BEEF: How to choose Beef To roast Sirloin or Ribs of Beef Roast Rump of Beef To roast part of a Round of Beef To roast a Fillet of Beef Roast Beef Steak To broil Beef Steaks Beef Steaks a la Francaise Stewed Beef Steak Fried Beef Steaks Beef stewed in its own Gravy Beef or Mutton Cake Beef or Mutton Cake German Stew Welsh Stew A Good English Stew To stew Shin of Beef French Beef a la Mode Stewed Sirloin of Beef To stew a Rump of Beef Beef Palates Stewed 0x Tails Broiled Ox Tails To salt and pickle Beef in various ways Komteen To salt and boil a round of Ham Hamburgh Pickle for Beef, Hams and Tongues Dutch or Hung Beef Collared Beef A common recipe for Salting Beef Spiced Round of Beef A Miniature Round of Beef Beef Roll or Canellon de Boeuf Minced Collops au Naturel Savoury Minced Collops A richer variety of Minced Collops Scotch Minced Collops Beef Tongues Beef Tongues, a Suffolk Receipt To dress Beef Tongues Bordyke receipt for stewing a Tongue To roast a Beef Heart Beef Kidney Beef Kidney, a plainer way An Excellent Hash of Cold Beef or Mutton A Common Hash of Cold Beef or Mutton Breslaw of Beef Norman Hash French receipt for Hashed Bouilli Baked Minced Beef Saunders To boil Marrow Bones Baked Marrow Bones Clarified Marrow for Keeping. CHAPTER NINE VEAL: Different Joints of Veal When in season To take the hair from a Calfs Head with the skin on Boiled Calfs Head Calfs Head, the Warders Way Prepared Calfs Head Hashed Calfs Head Cheap Hash of Calfs Head To dress Cold Calfs Head Cheap hash of Calfs Head To Dress Cold Calfs Head or Veal Calfs Head Brawn To roast a Fillet of Veal Fillet of Veal au Bechamel, with Oysters Boiled Fillet of Veal Roast Loin of Veal Boiled Loin of Veal Stewed Loin of Veal Boiled Breast of Veal To Roast a Breast of Veal To gone a Shoulder of Veal, Mutton or Lamb Stewed Shoulder of Veal, English receipt Roast Neck of Veal Veal Goose, City of London receipt Knuckle of Veal en ragout Boiled Knuckle of Veal Knuckle of Veal, with rice or green peas Small Pain de Veau, or Veal Cake Fricandeau of Veal Spring Stew of Veal Norman Harrico Plain Veal Cutlets Veal Cutlets a lIndienne Veal Cutlets or Collops a la Francaise Scotch Collops Veal Cutlets a la Mode de Londres Sweetbreads, simply stewed Sweetbread Cutlets Stewed Calfs Feet Calfs Liver stoved or stewed To roast Calfs Liver Blanquette of Veal or Lamb with Mushrooms Minced Veal Minced Veal with Oysters Veal Sydney Fricasseed Veal. CHAPTER TEN MUTTON AND LAMB: Different joints of Mutton When in season To choose Mutton To roast a Haunch of Mutton Roast Saddle of Mutton To roast a Leg of Mutton Superior receipt for Roast Leg of Mutton Braised Leg of Mutton Leg of Mutton boned and forced A Boiled Leg of Mutton with Tongue and Turnips Roast or Stewed Fillet of Mutton To Roast a Loin of Mutton To dress a loin of Mutton like Venison Roast Neck of Mutton To Roast a Shoulder of Mutton The Cavaliers Broil Forced Shoulder of Mutton Mutton Cutlets stewed in their own gravy To broil Mutton Cutlets China Chilo A Good family Stew of Mutton An Irish Stew A Baked Irish Stew Cutlets of Cold Mutton Mutton Kidneys a la Francaise Broiled Mutton Kidneys Oxford receipt for Mutton Kidneys To roast a Fore Quarter of Lamb Saddle of Lamb Roast Loin of Lamb Stewed Leg of Lamb with White Sauce Loin of Lamb stewed in butter Lamb Cutlets in their own Gravy Cutlets of Cold Lamb.

CHAPTER ELEVEN PORK: To choose Pork To melt Lard To preserve unmelted Lard for many months To Roast a Suckling Pig Baked Pig Pig a la Tartare Suckling Pig en blanquette To roast Pork To roast a Saddle of Pork To broil or fry Pork Cutlets Cobbetts receipt for Curing Bacon Kentish Mode of Cutting Up and Curing a Pig French bacon for Larding To pickle Cheeks of Bacon and Hams Monsieur Udes receipt for Hams superior to Westphalia Super Excellent Bacon Hams, Bordyke receipt To boil a Ham To garnish and ornament Hams in various Ways French receipt for boiling a Ham To bake a Ham To boil Bacon Bacon broiled or fried Dressed Rashers of Bacon Tonbridge Brawn Italian Pork Cheese Sausage Meat Cake Sausages Kentish Sausage Meat Excellent Sausages Pounded Sausage Meat Sausages and Chestnuts Truffled Sausages. CHAPTER TWELVE POULTRY: To choose Poultry To bone a Fowl or Turkey without opening it Another mode of boning a fowl To bone Fowls for Fricassees, Curries and Pies To roast a Turkey To boil a Turkey Poult Turkey boned and forced Turkey a la Flamande To Roast a Turkey To Roast a Goose To Roast a Green Goose To roast a Fowl Roast Fowl, a French receipt To roast a Guinea Fowl Fowl a la Carisfors Boiled Fowls To broil a chicken or Fowl Fricasseed Fowls or Chickens Chicken Cutlets Cutlets of Fowls, Partridges or Pigeons Fried Chicken a la Malabar Hashed Fowl French and other receipts for Minced Fowl Minced Fowl Friteau of Cold Fowls Scallops of Fowls au Bechamel Grillade of Cold Fowls Fowls a la Mayonnaise To roast Ducks Stewed Duck To roast Pigeons Boiled Pigeons How to stew Pigeons. CHAPTER THIRTEEN GAME: How To Choose Game To roast a Haunch of Venison To stew a Shoulder of Venison To Hash Venison To roast a Hare Roast Hare, a superior receipt Stewed Hare To Roast a Rabbit To boil Rabbits To roast a Pheasant Boudin of Pheasant To roast Partridges Boiled Partridges Partridges with Mushrooms Broiled Partridge Broiled Partridge, French receipt The French or Red-Legged Partridge To roast the Landrail or Corn Crake To roast Black Cock and Gray Hen To roast Grouse A salmi of Moorfowl, Pheasants or Partridges To roast Canvass-back Ducks To roasst Wild Ducks To Roast Woodcocks or Snipes To roast the Pintail or Sea Pheasant. CHAPTER FOURTEEN CURRIES, POTTED MEATS, ETC. Arnotts Currie A Bengal Curry A dry Curry A common Indian currie Selims Curries (Captain Whites) Curried Macaroni Curried Eggs Curried Sweetbreads Curried Oysters Curried Gravy Potted Meats Potted Ham, an excellent receipt Potted Chicken, Partridge or Pheasant Potted Ox Tongue Potted Anchovies Lobster Butter Potted Mushrooms. CHAPTER FIFTEEN VEGETABLES: Observations on Vegetables To clear vegetables from insects To boil Vegetables Green Potatoes To boil Potatoes as in Ireland To boil Potatoes the Lancashire Way To boil New Potatoes New Potatoes in Butter To boil Potatoes (Captain Katers Receipt) To roast or Bake Potatoes Scooped Potatoes Crisped Potatoes or Potato Ribbons Fried Potatoes Mashed Potatoes English Potato Balls or Croquettes Dohertys Description Potato Boulettes Doherty's description Potato Rissoles Potatoes a la Maitre dHotel Potatoes a la Crème Kale Cannon To Boil Sea Kale Sea Kale stewed in Gravy Spinach Entremets Spinach a lAnglaise Spinach, English receipt To dress Dandelions like Spinach Boiled Turnip Radishes Boiled Leeks Stewed Lettuces To boil Asparagus Asparagus points dressed like Peas To boil Green Peas Green Peas a la Francaise Green Peas with Cream To boil French Beans French Beans a la Francaise An Excellent Receipt for French Beans To boil Windsor Beans Dressed Cucumbers Mandrang or Mandram Another receipt for Mandram Dressed Cucumbers Stewed Cucumbers Cucumbers a la Poulette Cucumbers a la Crème Fried Cucumbers Melon To boil Cauliflowers Cauliflowers with Parmesan Cheese Cauliflowers a la Francaise Broccoli Artichokes en Salade Vegetable Marrow Roast Tomatas Stewed Tomatas Forced Tomatas Puree of Tomatas To boil Green Indian Corn Mushrooms au Beurre Potted Mushrooms Mushroom Toast Truffles and their uses Truffles a la Serviette Truffles a lItalienne To prepare Truffles for use To boil Sprouts, Cabbages, Savoys, Lettuces or Endive Stewed Cabbage To boil Turnips To mash Turnips Turnips in White Sauce Turnips stewed in Butter Turnips in Gravy To boil Carrots Sweet Carrots Mashed or Buttered Carrots Carrots au Beurre To boil Parsnips Fried Parsnips Jerusalem Artichokes Mashed Jerusalem Artichokes Haricots Blancs To boil Beet Root To bake Beet Root Stewed Beet Root To stew Red Cabbage Boiled Celery Stewed Celery Stewed Onions To fry Onions To boil Onions. CHAPTER SIXTEEN PASTRY: Introductory Remarks To glaze or ice Pastry Fine French Puff Paste Very good light Paste English Puff Paste Cream Crust French Crust for hot or cold Meat Pies Flead Crust Common Suet Crust for Pies Very Superior Suet Crust Very rich Short Crust Excellent Short Crust for Sweet Pastry Brioche Paste Modern Potato Pastry, an excellent family dish Common Chicken Pie Pigeon Pie Beef Steak Pie Common Mutton Pie A good Mutton Pie Raised Pies A Vol au Vent A Vol au Vent of Fruit A Vol au Vent a la Crème Oyster Patties Common Lobster Patties Superlative Lobster Patties Good Chicken Patties Excellent Meat Rolls Patties, Tartlets and Small Vols au Vent Another receipt for Tartlets A Sefton or Veal Custard Apple Cake or German Tart Tourte Meringue or Tart with Royal Icing A Good Apple Tart Barberry Tart Almond Paste Tartlets of Almond Paste Mincmeat, authors receipt Superlative Mincemeat Mince Pies Mince Pies Royal The Monitors Tart Pudding Pies Cocoanut Cheesecakes Lemon Cheesecakes Common Lemon Tartlet Cream Patissiere or Pastry Cream Small Vols au Vent a la Parisienne Pastry Sandwiches Fanchonettes Currant Jelly Tartlets or Custards Ramakins a lUde.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN BOILED PUDDINGS: General Directions A ley for washing pudding cloths To clean Currants for Puddings or Cakes To steam a Pudding in a common stewpan or saucepan To mix Batter for Puddings Suet Crust for Meat or Fruit Pudding Butter Crust for Puddings Savoury Puddings Beefsteak or John Bulls Pudding Small Beefsteak Pudding Ruth Pinchs Beefsteak Pudding Mutton Pudding Partridge Pudding A Peas Pudding Wine Sauce for Sweet Puddings Common Wine Sauce Punch Sauce for Sweet Puddings Clear Arrow-root Sauce German Custard Pudding Sauce Delicious German Pudding Sauce Red Currant or Raspberry Sauce Common Raspberry Sauce Superior Fruit Sauces Pineapple Pudding Sauce Very fine Pineapple Sauce for Puddings German Cherry Sauce Common Batter Pudding Another Batter Pudding Black Cap Pudding Batter Fruit Pudding Kentish Suet Pudding Another Suet Pudding Apple, Currant, Cherry or other Fresh Fruit Pudding Common Apple Pudding Herodotus Pudding The Publishers Pudding Her Majestys Pudding Common Custard Pudding Neetmok Pudding Prince Alberts Pudding German Pudding and Sauce The Welcome Guests Own Pudding Sir Edwin Landseers Pudding Cabinet Pudding Very fine Cabinet Pudding Snowdon Pudding Very good Raisin Pudding Elegant Economists Pudding Pudding a la Scoones Ingoldsby Christmas Pudding Small and very light Plum Pudding Vegetable Plum Pudding Authors Christmas Pudding Kentish Well Pudding Rolled Pudding Bread Pudding Brown Bread Pudding Good boiled Rice Pudding Cheap Rice Pudding Rice and Gooseberry Pudding Fashionable Apple Pudding Orange Snowballs Light Currant Dumplings Lemon Dumplings Suffolk or Hard Dumplings Norfolk Dumplings Sweet boiled Patties Boiled Rice. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN BAKED PUDDINGS: Introductory Remarks The Printers Pudding Almond Pudding An Excellent Lemon Pudding Another Lemon Pudding Lemon Suet Pudding Bakewell Pudding Elegant Economists Pudding Rich Bread and Butter Pudding Common Bread and Butter Pudding Good Baked Bread Pudding Good Semolina Pudding Saxe-Gotha Pudding Baden Baden Pudding Sutherland or Castle Pudding Madeleine Pudding Good French Rice Pudding A common Rice Pudding Quite Cheap Rice Pudding Richer Rice Pudding Rich Pudding Meringue Good Ground Rice Pudding Common Ground Rice Pudding Green Gooseberry Pudding Potato Pudding Richer Potato Pudding Good Sponge Cake Pudding Cake and Custard Pudding Baked Apple Pudding or Custard Dutch Custard and various other inexpensive Puddings Baked Apple Pudding or Custard Dutch Custard or Baked Raspberry Pudding Gabrielles Pudding Vermicelli Pudding Small Cocoanut Pudding Good Yorkshire Pudding Common Yorkshire Pudding Normandy Pudding Damson and Rice Pudding Barberry and Rice Pudding Common Baked Raisin Pudding Richer Raisin Pudding Poor Authors Pudding Pudding a la paysanne Indian Pudding Baked Hasty Pudding. CHAPTER NINETEEN SOUFFLES, OMELETS, ETC. Observations on Omelets, Fritters, etc A common Omelet An Omelet Souffle Souffles A Fondu Kentish Fritters Plain Common Fritters Pancakes Fritters of Cake and Pudding Mincemeat Fritters Venetian Fritters Fritters of Spring Fruit Apple, Peach, Apricot, or Orange Fritters Potato Fritters Lemon Fritters Cannelons Croquettes of Rice Finer Croquettes of Rice Rissoles Very Savoury Rissoles Rissoles of Fish To boil Pipe Macaroni Ribband Macaroni Dressed Macaroni Macaroni a la Reine Forced Eggs for Salad Forced Eggs, or Eggs en Surprise.

CHAPTER TWENTY SWEET DISHES OR ENTREMETS: To prepare Calfs Feet Stock To clarify Calfs Feet Stock To clarify Isinglass Spinach Green for coloring sweet dishes Prepared Apple or Quince Juice Cocoanut Flavored Milk Remarks upon Compotes of Fruit Compote of Rhubarb Compote of Green Currants Compote of Green Gooseberries Compote of Green Apricots Compote of Red Currants Compote of Raspberries Compote of Kentish or Flemish Cherries Compote of Morella Cherries Compote of the Green Magnum Bonum Compote of Damsons Compote of Ripe Magnum Monums Compote of the Shepherds and other Byllace Compote of Siberian Crabs Compote of Peaches Another receipt of Stewed Peaches Black Caps par excellence Gateau de Pommes Gateau of Mixed Fruits Calfs Feet Jelly Modern varieties of Calfs Feet Jelly Apple Calfs Feet Jelly Orange Calfs Feet Jelly Orange Isinglass Jelly Very fine Orange Jelly Oranges filled with Jelly Lemon Calfs Feet Jelly Constantia Jelly Rhubarb Isinglass Jelly Strawberry Isinglass Jelly Fancy Jellies and Jelly in Belgrave mould Queen Mabs Pudding Nesselrode Cream Crème a la Contesse An excellent Trifle Swiss Cream or Trifle Tipsy Cake or Brandy Trifle Chantilly Basket filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries Very good Lemon Cream made without Cream Fruit Creams and Italian Creams Very superior Whipped Syllabub Good common Blancmange Richer Blanc Mange Dutch Flummery Extremely good Strawberry Blanc Mange or Bavarian Cream Quince Blanc Mange Quince Blanc Mange with Almonds Apricot Blanc Mange Currant Blanc Mange Lemon Sponge An apple Hedgehog Imperial Gooseberry Fool Very good Old Fashioned boiled Custard Rich Boiled Custard Queens Custard Currant Custard Quince or Apple Custards Dukes Custard Chocolate Custards Common Baked Custard Finer Baked Custard French Custards or Creams German Puffs Meringue of Rhubarb Creamed Spring Fruit Meringue of Pears Apple Charlotte or Charlotte de Pommes Marmalade for the Charlotte A Charlotte a la Parisienne Pommes au Beurre or Buttered Apples Suedoise of Peaches Aroce Doce or Sweet Rice a la Portugaise Bermuda Witches Strengthening Blamange. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE PRESERVES: General Remarks on the use and value of Preserved Fruits General Rules and Directions To extract Juice of Plums for Jelly To weigh Juice of Fruit Rhubarb Jam Green Gooseberry Jelly Green Gooseberry Jam To dry Green Gooseberries Green Gooseberries for Tarts Red Gooseberry Jam Very fine Gooseberry Jam Jelly of Ripe Gooseberries Unmixed Gooseberry Jelly Unmixed Gooseberry Jelly Gooseberry Paste To dry Ripe Gooseberries with Sugar Jam of Kentish or Flemish Cherries To dry Cherries with sugar Dried Cherries Cherries dried without Sugar To dry Morella Cherries Common Cherry Cheese Cherry Paste Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jelly To preserve Strawberries or Raspberries for creams or ices Raspberry Jam Very Rich Raspberry Jam or Marmalade Good red or White Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jelly for flavoring Creams Another Raspberry Jelly Red Currant Jelly Superlative Red Currant Jelly French Currant Jelly Delicious Red Currant Jam Very fine White Currant Jelly White Currant Jam Currant Paste Fine Black Currant Jelly Common Black Currant Jelly Black Currant Jam and Marmalade Nursery Preserve Another good common Preserve A good Melange or Mixed Preserve Superior Pineapple Marmalade Fine preserve of the green orange Plum Greengage Jam or Marmalade Preserve of the Magnum Bonum Mussel Plum Cheese and Jelly Apricot Marmalade To dry Apricots Dried Apricots Peach Jam or Marmalade To preserve or to dry peaches or nectarines Damson Jam Damson Jelly Damson or Red Plum Solid Excellent Damson Cheese Red Grape Jelly English Guava Very fine Imperatrice Plum Marmalade To dry Imperatrice Plums To bottle fruit for Winter Use Apple Jelly Exceedingly fine Apple Jelly Quince Jelly Quince Marmalade Quince and apple Marmalade Quince Paste Jelly of Siberian Crabs To preserve Barberries in bunches Barberry Jam Superior Barberry Jelly Orange Marmalade Genuine Scotch Marmalade Orange Conserve for Puddings. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO PICKLES: Observations on Pickles To pickle Cherries To pickle Gherkins To pickle Peaches Sweet Pickle of Lemon To pickle Mushrooms Mushrooms in brine To pickle Walnuts To pickle Beet Root Pickled Eschalots Pickled Onions To pickle Lemons and Limes To pickle Barberries and Siberian Crabs. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE CAKES: General Remarks To blanch or pound Almonds To reduce Almonds to paste To color Almonds or Sugar Grains or Sugar Candy for Cakes or Pastry To prepare Butter for Rich Cakes To whisk Eggs for light Rich Cakes Sugar Glazings and Icings for fine cakes and pastry Orange Flower Macaroons Almond Macaroons Very fine cocoanut Macaroons Imperials Fine Almond Cake Plain Pound or Currant Cake Rice Cake White Cake A Good Sponge Cake Smaller Sponge Cake Fine Venetian Cake Good Madeira Cake Banbury Cakes Meringues Italian Meringues Thick light Gingerbread Acton Gingerbread Cheap and Very Good Ginger Oven Cake Good Common Gingerbread Richer Gingerbread Richer Gingerbread Cocoanut Gingerbread Delicious Cream Cake and Sweet Rusks Good light Luncheon Cake and Brawn Brack Very cheap Luncheon Biscuit Isle of Wight doughnuts Queen Cakes Jumbles Good Soda Cake Good Scottish Short Bread Small Sugar Cakes of Various Kinds Fleed or Flead Cakes Light Buns of Different Kinds Exeter Buns Threadneedle-street Buns Plain Dessert Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits Good Captains Biscuits Colonels Biscuits Aunt Charlottes Biscuits.

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR CONFECTIONERY: To clarify Sugar To boil Sugar from Syrup to Candy Caramel Barley Sugar Nougat Ginger Candy Orange Flower Candy Another receipt for Orange Flower Candy Palace Bonbons Everton Toffee Toffee, another way. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE DESSERT DISHES: Dessert Dishes Melange of Fruit Pearled Fruit or Fruite en Chemise Peach Salad Orange Salad Compote of Oranges Orange warmed Normandy Pippins Stewed Pruneaux des Tours or Tours Dried Plums Baked Compote of Apples To bake Pears Stewed Pears Boiled Chestnuts Roasted Chestnuts. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX SYRUPS, LIQUEURS, ETC. Strawberry Vinegar Very fine Raspberry Vinegar Fine Currant Syrup Cherry Brandy Oxford Punch Oxford Receipt for Bishop Cambridge Milk Punch To mull Wine Birthday Syllabub An admirable Cool Cup The Regents or George the Fourths Punch Mint Julep Delicious Milk Lemonade Excellent Portable Lemonade Excellent Barley Water Raisin Wine Very good Elderberry Wine Very good Ginger Wine Excellent Orange Wine Currant Wine To clean bottles in large numbers.

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, ETC. Coffee To Roast Coffee To make French Breakfast Coffee To boil Coffee and refine it Burnt Coffee To make Chocolate To make Tea. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT BREAD: To purify yeast for Bread or Cakes The Oven A Few Rules to be Observed in Making Bread Bordyke Bread Brown Bread Potato Bread Dyspepsia Bread Rye and Indian Bread Geneva Rolls or Buns Rusks Crusts to serve with Cheese Good Captain's Biscuits Breakfast Batter Cakes Tea Cakes Muffins Wheat Muffins Rice Muffins Rice Cakes Buckwheat Cakes Flannel Cakes Yeast.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE AMERICAN MODE OF COOKING INDIAN CORN, PUMPKINS, ETC. Indian Cake or Bannock Indian Corn or Maize Pudding baked Boiled Maize Pudding Pumpkin and Squash Pie Carrot Pies American Custard Pudding American Plum Pudding American Apple Pudding Bird's Nest Pudding Hasty Pudding Dry-bread Another sort of Brewis To Preserve Cheese American Mince Meat American Souse Pork and Beans. CHAPTER THIRTY DIRECTIONS FOR CARVING. Remember folks, this is an 1890 original.

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