1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES

1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES

1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES
Note: Many of my patrons are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. Quick Glance at Recipes, Etc. Featured in this Book (Partial Only, See Full Description and Chapter Summaries Below): Antique Cookbook Victorian Vintage Cookery Illustrated Cooking Culinary Kitchen Chef Food Preparation Household Domestic Housekeeping Housewifery Family Bread Making Breakfast Tea Cakes Cookies Jumbles Snaps Creams Custards Confectionery Catsup Desserts Cakes Pies Drinks Eggs Omelets Fresh Fruit Canning Fruit Ices Ice Cream Icings Jams Jellies Mushrooms Pickles Preserves Vegetables Fish Shellfish Game Meat Beef Veal Ham Pork Poultry Turkey Chicken Roasting Baking Boiling Broiling Fricassee Sautee Salads Soup Sauces Forcemeats Household Furniture Toilet Kitchen Cleaning Sewing Dyeing Children Dining Room Aquarium Canaries Floriculture Picnics Garden Parties Camping Games Amusements.

THE SUCCESSFUL HOUSEKEEPER A Manual of Universal Application. Especially Adapted to the Every Day Wants of American Housewives. Embracing Several Thousand Thoroughly Tested and Approved Recipes, Care and Culture of Children, Birds and House Plants; Flower and Window Gardening, Etc. With Many Valuable Hints on Home Decoration. Published in 1883 by M.

8.5 x 6.5 original Victorian binding. Illustrated in color and black and white. The exterior has taken on a dark patina over time due to aging of the "oil-cloth" binding (a treatment publishers added to help cookbooks resist moisture and kitchen stains). Inner hinges have glue repairs. Pages are generally clean and complete.

Light foxing/toning, some slight spatters. No torn, loose or missing pages.

Several lined pages bound in, filled with handwritten recipes. Still a very useful example of this rare and valuable Victorian cookbook.

Here is a rare treasury of Victorian cookery and household expertise. It contains more than 800 cooking recipes and more than 300 household receipts, and is illustrated with full-page color plates and other black and white illustrations. The emphasis of the book is on the cookery recipes, but youll also find chapters on table-setting, napkin-folding, parlor games, child rearing, health and beauty, home decoration, sewing and laundry, pets such as canaries and aquariums, even how to keep rats out of the pantry! Not to mention a chapter on "Camping Out, " which was all the rage in Victorian times.

Our aim is to assist the management of the Household, but especially we would enter our plea for improved cookery In this department we have endeavored to give only those recipes which have stood the test of actual use and received the endorsement of the best cooks and caterers of the day, and all of them can be depended upon as being just what they purport to be. The most worthless unit in a family is an ill-managing wife, or an indolent woman of any sort. If she knows nothing of her kitchen, and is at the mercy of the cook, the table will soon become intolerable bad soup, soft and flabby fish, meat burned outside and raw within. The husband will soon fly from the Barmecide feast, and take refuge in his club, where he will not only find food that he can digest, but at the same time escape from the domestic discord that usually accompanies ill-cooked victuals at home. My own wife glared at me when I read it to her! Besides the cooking recipes, we have added other such information as is of importance to every housekeeper. In its completeness we known present THE SUCCESSFUL HOUSEKEEPER to a discriminating public, with the hope that it may make easier the burden and more pleasant the cares of the over-burdened wives and mothers of our land. Without further ado, I give you my own summary of the contents of THE SUCCESSFUL HOUSEKEEPER offerings, rendered more reader-friendly by yours truly. Takes a bit more time but Ive had some nice notes from eBayers telling me they appreciate it. And for those who dont, the book also features a full, 11-page index at the back. A Yeast That is Reliable. A Really Good Home-made Bread.

Potato Bread from Six Potatoes. Potato Bread from Four Potatoes. How to make Milk Sponge Bread.

Two Recipes for the Making of Salt Rising Bread. Four Recipes for Corn Bread. How to make Baking Powder Graham Bread.

Brown Bread from Graham Flour. Two Brown Bread Recipes and another Recipe for Boston Brown Bread. How to make Rye Bread.

Recipes for Rye and Indian Bread. How to make Rye Bread with Baking Powder. The secret to Hoyleton Bread. How to make Rice Bread. CHAPTER TWO BREAKFAST AND TEA CAKES. Biscuits: Light, Butter, Soda, Dixie, Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, English, Graham and Cold Biscuits. Breakfast Cake Recipes: Cinnamon, Graham, Rye Drop, Corn, Johnny, Newport and Potato Breakfast Cakes.

Griddle Cake Recipes: Corn Meal, Rice, Flour, Green Corn, Hominy, Crumb Corn, Graham, Squash, Pumpkin, Apple and Berry Griddle Cakes. Flannel Cakes and Buckwheat Cakes. Oatmeal Crackers and Graham Crackers. Nine Recipes for Fritters: Green Corn #1, Green Corn #2, Apple, Celery, Oyster, Clam, Lobster, Rice and Blackberry Fritters. Seven Recipes for Gems: Graham #1, Graham #2, Cold Water, Mixed, Corn and Oatmeal Gems.

Seven Lovely Muffin Recipes: Muffins #1, Muffins #2, Muffins #3, Rice Flour, Rice, Graham, Graham #2, and Corn Meal Muffins. Six Kinds of Mush: Corn, Oatmeal, Cracked Wheat, Cracked Wheat #2, Fried and Hominy Mush. How to make German Puffs.

Eleven Recipes for Rolls: Rolls #1 and #2, Parker House, Cinnamon, White Mountain, Vienna Twist, Oatmeal, Italian, Graham Breakfast, French and Tremont House Rolls. Rosettes and how to make them. Rusks and Scones: Rusks, Sweet Rusks, Sweet #2, Baking Powder Rusks, Scones and Scotch Scones, Sally Lunn #1 and #2, Plain Shortcake and Scotch Short Cake. Sandwiches: Ham, Egg, Sardine, School Lunch, Oyster, Tongue or Ham Sandwiches.

Toast: Cream, Breakfast, Cheese and Egg, Ham, Spanish and Fried Bread Toast. Waffles: Recipes #1-4, Bread, Rice and Sweet Waffles; Graham Wafers. How to make Almond Cake. How to make Adelaide Cake. Apple and Angels Food Cakes.

How to make Black Fruit Cake. Two Recipes for Bride Cake. How to make Buternut Cake. Two Corn Starch Cake recipes. How to make Cider Cake.

How to make a Cake with no eggs. Cream Puffs and custard for the filling.

How to make Cream Cake. Cinnamon Cake #1 and #2. How to make Dried Apple Cake. How to make an Eggless Cake. Feather Cake and Feather Cake #2. How to make Ginger Bread.

Two ways to make Soft Ginger Bread. How to make Hickory Nut Drop Cake.

Lemon Cakes and Lemon Jelly Cake. How to make Mountain Cake. Nut Cake #1 and #2. How to make Neapolitan Cake.

Sponge Cake with Hot Wafers. Sponge Cake and White Sponge Cake. How to make Tunbridge Cake. Two ways to make Almond Cookies. Four additional recipes for Cookies. Another way to make Jumbles. CHAPTER FOUR CREAMS & CUSTARDS. How to make Apple Snow. How to make Bavarian Cream. How to make Charlotte Russe Elegante. Charlotte Russe recipes #1 and #2. Whipped Cream and Whipped Cream Sauce.

Vinegar Candy #1 and #2. Currant, Cucumber, Gooseberry, Plum, and Tomato Catsup #1 and #2.

Puddings: Arrowroot, Almond, Green Corn, Cottage, Delmonico, Eves, Fruit, Baked Farina, Plain Fruit, Florentine, Gelatine, Ginger, Honey Comb, Huckleberry, Indian, Apple, Apple Batter, Amber, Bancroft, Bread, Birds Nest #1 and #2, Cabinet, Cream Batter, Cracker, Chocolate, Charlotte, Cottage, Cocoanut, Cream, Crumb, Jelly, Kiss, Komteen, Lemon #1 and #2, Malagan, Mitchell, Mauds, Orange, Plum #1 and #2, Christmas Plum, English Plum, Rich Plum, Baked Plum, Poor Mans, roly Poly, Rice, Sago, Suet, Steamed #1 and #2, Snow, Tapioca #1 and #2, Vegetable and Yankee Pudding. Puddings, Continued: Pie Plant Charlotte, Bombes Au Riz, Hens Nest, Apple Float, Apple Slump, Baked Apple Dumplings, Apples Surprised, Ambrosia, Apple Omelet, Apple Charlotte, Banana and Apple Tart, Irish Rock, Jelly Rice, Jelly Tartlets, Raisin Puffs, Strawberry Shorcake No.

Pudding Sauces: Pudding Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Fruit Sauce, Fruit Pudding Sauce, Arrowroot Sauce, German Custard Sauce, Pudding Sauce #2, Puff Paste. Pie Crusts: Pie Crust, Good and Cheap Pie Crust, Pie Crust Glaze, Pie Crust for 4 Small Pies, Tart Crust, Icing Pastry, Puff Paste with Beef Suet.

Lemon Pie #1 and #2. Mince Pie #1 and #2.

Apple or Peach Meringue Pie. How to brew Cottage Beer. How to brew Ginger Beer. How to brew Spruce Beer. How to make Claret Cup. How to make Fruit Cup. How to make Simon Pure Lemonade. How to make Jelly Lemonade. How to make Ginger Lemonade. How to make Berry Sherbet. CHAPTER NINE EGGS AND OMELETTES. How to make an Oyster 0melette. How to make Omelette with Ham. Eggs a la Bonne Femme. A Nice Way to Prepare Apples.

A Convenient Table for Canning Fruit. How to Can Pineapple #2.

CHAPTER TWELVE ICE AND ICE CREAMS. How to make Berry Cream Ice Cream.

How to make Burnt Sugar Ice Cream. How to make Chocolate Ice Cream. How to make Coffee Ice Cream. How to make Lemon Ice Cream. How to make Peach Ice Cream.

How to make Pineapple Ice Cream. How to make Orange Ice Cream. How to make Strawberry or Raspberry Ice Cream.

How to make Vanilla Ice Cream. How to make Cocoanut Ice Cream. How to make Frozen Tapioca Ice Cream. How to make Frozen Rice Custard. How to make Water Ices. How to make Cherry Water Ice with Nut Cream. How to make Strawberry Water Ice.

How to make Raspberry Water Ice. How to make Burnt Almond Ice Cream and Orange Ice.

How to make Biscuit Glaces. How to make Rateffe Biscuit Cream. How to make Tutti Frutti. How to make Pineapple Sherbet.

How to make Gelatine Paste for Ornamenting Ices. How to Color Ice Cream or Water Ices. Two Kinds of Boiled Icing. Three Kinds of Chocolate Icing. CHAPTER FOURTEEN JAMS AND JELLIES. Jams: Apricot, Apple, Blackberry, Raspberry, Currant, Strawberry, Grape, Gooseberry, Plum. Marmalades: Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Peach, Quince, Plum, Pumpkin.

Jellies: Apple, Blackberry, Cranberry, Crab-Apple, Currant, Grape, Peach, Pie-Plant, Quince #1 and #2. Gelatine Jellies: Coffee Jelly, Lemon Snow Jelly, Lemon Jelly, Orange Jelly, Wine Jelly, Mouldiness. How to make Mushrooms a la Provencale.

Another way to pickle Mushrooms. How to Put up Cucumbers in Brine. Pickled Cabbage #1 and #2. Pickled Cauliflower #1 and #2. Pickled Grapes #1 and #2.

Another method for pickling onions. Mixed Pickles #1 and #2. Spiced Vinegar for Pickles Generally. Pickled Peaches that will Keep.

How to keep Tomatoes Whole. Another way to make Citron Preserves. How to preserve Plums or Cherries. Spiced Plums #1 and #2.

The Right Way to Cook Potatoes. Green Corn on the Cob.

Egg Plant #1 and #2. How to use Horse Radish as a Garnish. How to cook Pease the French way.

Two recipes for Fried Potatoes. Baked Tomatoes #1 and #2. French Batter for Frying Vegetables. How to fry White Fish.

New Way or Preparing Oysters. How to Select Game: Grouse, Woodcock, Pigeons, Hares, Rabbit. Reed Birds a la Lindenthorpe.

How to Roast Partridges, Pheasants or Quails. How to Broil Quail or Woodcock. A Nice Way to Prepare Cold Hare.

How to carve Aitchbone of Beef. How to make Tough Steak Tender. How to Carve Brisket of Beef. Rump Steak with Oyster Sauce. German Method of Frying Beefsteak. How to carve Ribs of Beef.

How to Roast Sirloin of Beef. A Good, Inexpensive Way to Cook Beef. Tripe a la Lyonnaise with Tomatoes. Stewed Lamb with Green Pease. Haunch of Mutton a la Venison.

Mutton Cutlets a la Minute. Mutton Cutlets and Puree of Potatoes. How to carve Leg of Mutton.

Mutton Cutlets with Provencale Sauce. How to keep Pork fresh in summer. Pork Belly Rolled and Boiled. Leg of Pork Good as Goose. Boiled Leg of Pork with Pease Pudding. How to Roast a Sucking Pig. Bubble and Squeak of Veal. Calfs Brains a la Ravigote.

Chicken Saute a la Marengo. How to prepare Capon Ranaque.

A Nice Way to Cook Chicken. Braise of Duck with Turnip. How to Carve Roast Fowl.

How to Carve Roast Goose. Stuffing with Sage and Onion.

How to make Cabbage Salad. Sidney Smiths Recipe for Salad Dressing. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX SOUPS, SAUCES AND FORCEMEATS. The making of Bean Soup. How to make Common Soup.

How to make Clam Soup. The way to make French Vegetable Soup. How to make Cabbage Soup.

Receipt for Plain Gumbo soup. How to make Macaroni Soup. The way to make Macaroni or Vermicelli Soup. How to make Potato Soup. Two ways to make Tomato Soup.

Old Currant Sauce for Venison. Forcemeat for Fish, Soups and Stews. CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN FURNITURE: Furniture Covers The Use of Varnish How to make an Ottoman How to Render New Mahogany Like Old How to Clean Furniture Dirty or Stained Furniture How to Clean Paint How to Make Glue How to Revive Gilt Frames Magic Furniture Polish. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT HOUSE PESTS: A Remedy for Mice How to Drive Rats Away Alive How to Deal with Rats How to Destroy Bed Bugs, Moths and Other Vermin How to Prevent Red Ants How to Get Rid of Flies Mosquitoes.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE TOILET: Cleaning Gloves Hair Receivers Toilet Cushions Shaving Cases How to Clean Hair Brushes and Combs How to Clean Jewelry Cologne Water Cold Cream Lip Salve Lavender Water How to Clean Gold Chains How to Clean Gilt Jewelry How to Remove a Tight Ring Grease Eraser Cure for Chapped Hands Care of the Teeth Offensive Feet For Freckles Care of the Nails. CHAPTER THIRTY KITCHEN: Care of Silver New Kettles How to Purify Water Washing Dishes Cleaning Tinware How to Make Hard Water Soft The Griddle Coal Ashes Good to Scour With How to Triumph Over Absent-Mindedness An Economical Crumb Cloth Scraping Kettles How to Keep Lamp Chimneys Clean How to Start a Fire How to make Fire Kindlers How to Polish a Stove Easily How to use the Oil Stove Blacking Stoves How to Clean Mica How to Clean Knives How to keep a Kitchen Table Clean. CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE HOW TO CLEAN COLORED FABRICS: Muslin Dresses Laces How to Bleach Lace How to Stiffen Linen How to Clean Cloth How to Clean Black Silk How to clean Black Merino or any Woolen Stuff How to Renovate Crape Washing Clothes Washing Chintzes How to Remove Spots of Wax Another Recipe How to Clean Carpets For Bleaching Cotton Cloth How to Clean Light Kid Gloves How to Clean White Silk Lace Starch Polish Washing Fluid Gem Washing Fluid Hard Soap Soft Soap How to Wash Flannels How to keep Black Gloves from Crocking How to remove Scorches Washing Towels How to Do Up Shirt Bosoms.

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO THE SEWING ROOM: Saving Thread Window Shades Scrap Bags Sewing on Buttons Marking Handkerchiefs Table Covers Taking Care of Stockings Putting Away Stockings How to Preserve Old Stockings Home-made Work Baskets Harmonious Color Contrasts. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE DYEING, ETC: SILKS: Black Brown on Silk or Cotton Crimson Green Light Blue Old Gold Orange Purple Sky Blue on Silk or Cotton Yellow WOOLEN GOODS: Blue, Quick Process Chrome Black Green Madder Red Orange Pink Scarlet, Very Fine Snuff Brown, Dark Another Method, Any Shade Wine Color Crimson Dove and Slate Colors of all Shades Purple Salmon Yellow, Rich COTTON GOODS: Black Green Orange Red Sky Blue Yellow COLORING COTTON CARPET RAGS: Blue Yellow Orange Green TO REMOVE STAINS: Ink Stains in Woollen Table Covers and Carpets How to Remove Ink Stains from Floors or Mahogany How to Remove Stains of Port Wine How to Remove Mildew How to Remove Stains in Silk Acid, Tea, Wine and Other Stains Stains Caused by Scorching How to Restore Stained and Discolored Muslins Stains Caused by Mildew Linen Stains on Mahogany Etc Silver and Electro Plate Stains How to take Ink Stains from Mahogany Oil Stains. CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR ODDS AND ENDS: How to protect the dress Putting up curtains Window Gardens How to keep Boys and Girls at Home Lining Stair Carpets Putting away Woolen Clothes Pretty and Simple Ornaments How to make an old Japanese umbrella useful How to remove paint and abcxs putty from window glass How to preserve natural flowers Eggs to preserve for winter use Charcoal for flowers How to revive Gilt Frames Floor cloths How to Pot Butter for winter use How to prevent Rust Paste French Polish How to prevent steel articles from rust How to preserve flowers Incombustible Dresses Home made Table Syrup The Chromograph Lime Water How to preserve autumn leaves Skeleton Leaves How to restore frozen plants For crystallizing grass Frosting for windows Black tracing paper Sympathetic Ink Valuable Cement Cement for rubber or leather Diamond Cement Weights and measures. CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE THE SICK-ROOM: Panada Arrow-root Jelly Beef Tea Chicken Panada Egg Cream Soup for an Invalid Gruel Egg Gruel Gruel for Infants Beef Jelly for Invalids.

CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX HEALTH ITEMS: A receipt for the common cold Cough mixture How to remove warts How to prevent nail growing into the toe How to prevent the Nightmare The use of a raw egg How to make a sand-bag Worm remedy Sleep as a medicine New cure for wounds A mustard plaster A cure for diphtheria Bilious headache A remedy for cold feet The opium habit Antidotes for poison External use of castor oil Treatment of the supposed drowned Cure for burns Grandmothers salve for everything Cholera remedy Fig paste for constipation Cure for chilblains For canker sore mouth Cure for corns Ring worm Cure for rheumatism and bilious headache For felon Toothache Cure for neuralgia Tincture of iodine on corns Smallpox remedy For hydrophobia Flannels for fomentation For hoarseness For sore throat Healing lotion How to prevent contagion from eruptive diseases For toothache For headache How to stop bleeding How to remove discoloration from bruises Cure for wasp sting Cure for summer complaint The best deodorizer. CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN CARE AND CULTURE OF CHILDREN: Sleep Rice Jelly Arrow Root Milk and Bread Wheaten Grits Hominy and Milk Graham Hasty Pudding Rice Flour Hasty Pudding Milk Porridge Mush and Milk Condensed Milk Moral Influence Obedience. CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT THE DINING ROOM: Decoration of the Dinner Table Party Dinner Courses Entrees Desserts A Word to the Guest Home Dinner Coffees and Luncheons Menu for Company Dinners Allowance of Supplies for an Entertainment Cold Lunches for Washing Days, or Other Days of Extra Labor Economical Dinners. CHAPTER FORTY CARE OF CANARIES: Choosing the Birds Taming Cages Baths Food and Water Breeding Canaries.

CHAPTER FORTY-ONE FLORICULTURE: Trellised Windows Arbors and Rockeries Rockeries Ferneries. CHAPTER FORTY-SIX HOUSE PAINTING: Introduction Mixing Paints Beautiful White Paint For a Pure White Paint For Knotting Common Flesh Color Fine Flesh Color A Beautiful Color for Carriages Cream Color Pearl Gray Fawn Color Blue Buff Straw Drab Steel Purple Violet French Grey Silver Gold Dark Chestnut Salmon Peach Blossom Drab Lead Chocolate Dark Red for Common Purposes Orange Bright Yellow for Floors Dark Yellow Light Yellow Olive Green Light Green Grass Green Invisible Green How to paint a Bronze A Good Imitation of Gold Tar Paint for Fences, Roofs, Etc Paint Driers Milk Paint for Indoor Work Lime Whitewash Italian Marble How to imitate Granite A Cheap Oak Varnish Common Oil Varnish Transparent Varnish for Pictures For Varnishing on Wood, Unpainted Waterproof Varnish for Linen or Calico.

CHAPTER FORTY-SEVEN THE CARE OF THE HAIR. CHAPTER FORTY-EIGHT HOUSEHOLD GAMES & AMUSEMENTS: The Ball of Wool Shadows The Messenger Magic Music The Courtiers The Dumb Orator Speaking Buff The Shopkeepers Twirling the Trenches Proverbs The Newspaper Comical Combinations Buz The Knight of the Whistle Catch the Ring Scandal The Wild Beast Show The Genteel Lady Always Genteel Dumb Crambo The Giantess A Blind Judgment. Remember folks, this is an 1882 original. This book is 139 years old. Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers. Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAYS VERO PROGRAM. When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material text, photographs, etc.

And trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners. Item description text; lists of contents, lists of illustrations/photos; scanned images, etc. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT INCLUDING SUMMARIES OF CONTENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ETC. PHOTOS OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAYS VERO DEPARTMENT FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION.

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1882 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery Home Family HANDWRITTEN RECIPES