1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine

1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine

1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine
Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Rare Old Antique Cookbook Maria Rundell New System Domestic Vintage Victorian Cookery Cook Cooking Chef Kitchen Cuisine Recipes Food Receipts Housewife Housekeeper Home Homemaker Mistress Fish Seafood Shellfish Meat Venison Game Beef Veal Pork Lamb Mutton Poultry Turkey Duck Chicken Pigeon Fowls Soups Gravy Gravies Sauces Pies Pudding Pastry Puff Paste Vegetables Pickles Sweet Dishes Preserves Sweetmeats Preserving Fruit Cakes Bread Dairy Poultry Home Brewing Brewery Wine Wines Ale Beer Invalid Cookery Household Receipts Servants. A NEW SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC COOKERY, Formed Upon Principles of Economy, And Adapted for the Use of Private Families. With the Addition of Many New Receipts and Embellished with Ten Illustrations.

Published in 1862 by Milner and Sowerby, Halifax. 6.5 x 4.5 embossed red cloth hardcover decorated with gilt.

Handsome exterior as shown in photo. This rare antique book has been expertly rebacked by a professional book conservator; a new cloth spine was added, with the original cloth decoration laid over. Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages.

A NEW SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC COOKERY stands among the earliest and rarest of American cookbooks, first published in 1806. This 1846 edition of DOMESTIC COOKERY was published in London. At the age of 60, Mrs.

Rundell published a collection of favorite recipes and household hints she had used or invented over the years. More than 900 of these recipes and receipts are found in A NEW SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC COOKERY.

A NEW SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC COOKERY includes literally hundreds of cooking recipes meats and vegetables, fish and game, poultry, breads and pastries, puddings, soups and gravies, and much more -- some household receipts and even instructions and practical advice for those interested in the home-brewing of beer, ales and wines. This work is illustrated with a series of engraved plates, including an illustrated title page, frontispiece, and plates illustrating various cuts of meats and fish. If you are a collector of early American cookbooks, you know that gems like this do not come along often. You also know what a rare title like this is worth.

Below you will find a detailed summary of the hundreds of recipes featured in A NEW SYSTEM OF DOMESTIC COOKERY. I hope youll take a few moments to have a look. Miscellaneous Observations for the Use of a Mistress of a Family. How To Choose Fish: Rock Fish; Sheaps Head; Sea Bass and Black Fish; Salmon; Cod; Shad; Herrings; Soles; Whiitings; Mackerel; Pike; Carp; Trout; Perch; Mullets; Gudgeons; Eels; Flounders; Lobsters; Crabs; Prawns and Shrimps; Oysters; Terrapins; Turtle. How to Dress a Turtle. How to Dress Fresh Sturgeon. Another way to Roast Sturgeon. An Excellent Imitation of Pickled Sturgeon.

An Excellent Dish of Dried Salmon. Another Way to Pickle Salmon. An Easy Way to Pickle a Piece of Salmon already Boiled. Cod Sounds to look like small chickens.

How to Broil Cod Sounds. How to dress Salt Cod or ling. How to dress Salt Fish that has been boiled; an excellent dish. Soles in the Portuguese way. How to boil or broil Haddock.

How to dry haddocks and whitings the same way. How to cure Finnan haddock. The Scotch dish called cropped heads. An excellent way of dressing a large plaice, especially if there be a roe. How to Dress Red Herrings.

Baked Herrings and sprats How to boil sprats. How to dress trout and grayling. Char, different ways of dressing.

Boiled eels Eel Broth, very nourishing for the sick. How to stew Lamprey as at Worcester. Excellent fish cake, Hierres en Provence. Court Bouillon, in which any kind of fresh fish may be done. Another way to pot Lobsters as at Woods Hotel. Stewed Lobster, a very high relish. Currie of Lobsters or Prawns. Prawns and Cray Fish in jelly, a beautiful dish.

How to butter prawns or shrimps. Fried oysters, to garnish boiled fish. Another way to pickle oysters.

Observations on purchasing, keeping and dressing meat. Haunch, neck and shoulder of venison. How to stew a shoulder of mutton.

How to salt beef for pork, for eating immediately. How to salt beef red, which is extremely good to eat fresh from the pickle, or to hang to dry. The Dutch way to salt beef. How to stew a rump of beef. How to Stew a brisket of beef. How to make hunters beef. An excellent mode of dressing beef. Beef cakes for a side dish of dressed meat. How to dress the inside of a cold sirloin of beef. Fricasee of cold roast beef.

How to dress cold Beef that has not been done enough, called Beef-olives. How to dress the same called Sanders. How to dress the same, called Cecils. Rolled beef that equals hare. How to roast tongue and udder.

How to pickle tongues for boiling. How to dress ox-cheek another way.

Neck of veal a la braise. To roll a Breast of Veal. Chump of veal a la daube.

Veal rolls of either cold meat or fresh. A dunelm of cold veal or fowl. How to pot veal or chicken with ham. Scallops of cold veal or chicken.

A cheaper but equally good Fricandeau of Veal. How to boil calfs head. How to hash calfs head. How to collar calfs head.

How to dress the liver and lights. How to roast a leg of pork. How to boil a leg of pork. Loin and neck of pork.

Spring or forehand of pork. How to dress pork as lamb. How to scald a sucking pig.

How to roast a sucking pig. How to make excellent meat of a Hogs head. How to roast a porkers head. How to prepare a pigs cheek for boiling. How to collar pigs head.

How to dry Hogs cheeks. How to force hogs ears. Different ways of dressing pigs feet and ears. Pigs feet and ears fricasseed.

Jelly of pigs feet and ears. Souse for brawn and for pigs feet and ears. How to make Black Puddings. How to dress haunch of mutton. How to roast a saddle of mutton.

How to boil a shoulder of mutton with oysters. Now to roll loin of mutton.

Mutton cutlets in the Portuguese way. Steaks of mutton or lamb and cucumbers.

How to dress mutton rumps and kidneys. Breast of lamb and cucumbers. Shoulder of lamb forced, with sorrel sauce. Fricasee of lamb-stones and sweetbreads, another way. How to choose Poultry, Game, &c. Directions for Dressing Poultry and Game. How to boil fowl with rice. A nice way to dress fowl for a small dish. Larks and other small birds. A very cheap way of potting birds.

How to clarify butter for potted things. How to pot moor game. How to roast wild fowl. Wild ducks, teal, widgeon, dun-birds, &c. How to make a rabbit taste much like hare.

How to blanch rabbit, fowl, &c. General directions respecting Soups and Gravies. Colouring for soups or gravies. A clear brown stock for gravy-soup or gravy. A pepper pot to be served in a tureen. Stock for brown or white Fish soups. Craw fish or prawn soup. How to dress gravy that will keep a week. Gravy for a fowl when there is no meat to make of it.

Gravy to make mutton eat like venison. Savoury jelly to put over cold pies. Jelly to cover cold fish. A very good Sauce, especially to hide the bad colour of Fowls.

Another for the same, or for Ducks. An excellent Soup for boiled Turkey. Sauce for Fowl of any sort.

Sauce for cold Fowl or Partridge. A very fine Mushroom Sauce for Fowls or Rabbits. Lemon white Sauce for boiling fowls. How to make Parsley sauce when no Parsley leaves are to be had. Green sauce, for Green Geese or Ducklings. Dutch Sauce for Meat or Fish. Sauce Robart, for Rumps or Steaks. Benton Sauce, for hot or cold Roast Beef. Tomato Sauce, for hot or cold Meats. Apple sauce, for goose or roast pork.

The old Currant-sauce for Venison. A very fine fish sauce.

An excellent substitute for caper sauce. How to melt butter, which is rarely well done, though a very essential article. Vingaret, for cold fowl or meat. Another way for immediate use. How to make sprats taste like anchovies.

Forcemeat, to force fowls or meat. Very fine forcemeat balls, for Fish Soups, or fish stewed, on maigre days. A remarkable fine Fish Pie. Partridge Pie in a Dish.

Raise Crust, for Meat Pies or Fowls, &c. Observations on Making Puddings and Pancakes. A Very Fine Amber Pudding. Light or German Puddings or Puffs. An excellent plain potato pudding.

Russian Seed, or Ground Rice Pudding. Apple Currant or Damson Dumplings, or Puddings. Fine pancakes, fixed without butter or lard. Rice Paste for Relishing Things. Raised Crust for Custards or Fruits.

A Very Fine Crust for Orange Cheesecakes or Sweetmeats, when to be particularly nice. Remarks on using preserved fruit in pastry.

Light Paste for Tarts and Cheesecakes. How to Prepare Venison for Pasty.

To make a Pasty of Beef or Mutton, to eat as well as venison. How to Boil Vegetables Green. How to keep Green Peas. How to Stew Green Peas. How to Stew Old Peas.

How to Dress Cauliflowers and Parmesan. How to stew Red Cabbage. How to Stew Sorrel for Fricandeau and Roast Meat. How to preserve several Vegetables to eat in the Winter. Rules to be observed with Pickles.

How to Pickle Cucumbers and Onions Sliced. How to Pickle Young Cucumbers.

How to Pickle Red Cabbage. Walnut Ketchup of the finest sort.

SWEET DISHES, PRESERVES, SWEETMEATS, &c. Souffle of Rice and Apple. A very nice dish of Macaroni dressed sweet. Chantilly Cake or Cake Trifle.

Yellow Lemon Cream without Cream. A froth to set on Cream, Custard or Trifle, which looks and eats well. A Carmel Cover for Sweetmeats. Apple Jelly to serve at Table.

How to prepare Fruit for Children, a far more wholesome way than in pies and puddings. How to prepare Ice for Iceing. Colourings to Stain Jellies, Ices or Cakes.

Butter to serve as a little dish. Roast Cheese, to come up after Dinner.

The Staffordshire Dish of frying Herbs and Liver. How to preserve Suet a twelvemonth. To Green Fruits for preserving or pickling. To clarify sugar for sweetmeats.

To candy any sort of fruit. A beautiful preserve for apricots. To preserve apricots with jelly. How to preserve green apricots. Apricots or peaches in brandy.

How to dry Apricots in half. Orange biscuits or little cakes. How to keep oranges or lemons for puddings, etc. How to preserve Strawberries whole. How to preserve Strawberries in wine.

How to dry Cherries with sugar. How to dry Cherries without sugar. How to dry Cherries the best way. Currant jam, black, red or white.

Currant Jelly, red or black. Apple Jelly for preserving Apricots or any sort of Sweetmeats. How to preserve Jarganel Pears most beautifully. How to preserve whole or half Quinces. Excellent Sweetmeats for Tarts, when Fruit is plentiful.

To Preserve Fruits for Winter Use. How to keep Codlins for several months. How to keep Damsons for winter pies.

How to preserve Fruit for Tarts or Family Desserts. How to keep Lemon Juice. China Orange Juice, a very useful thing to mix with water in Fevers, when the fresh juice cannot be procured. Lemonade to be made a day before wanted.

Lemonade that has the flavour and appearance of Jelly. Observations on Making and Baking Cakes. To ice a very large cake.

A very good common Cake. Flat cakes, that will keep long in the house good. Very good Common Plum Cakes. Little Plum Cakes to keep long. A good plain bun, that may be eaten with or without toasting and butter.

The Method of Making Leaven. How to make Perpetual Yeast. How to make Artificial Yeast.

How to make Bread with Leaven. How to Make Bread with Yeast. How to make Bread with a Mixture of Rice.

Another Potatoe and Flour Bread. Rolls with a Mixture of Potatoes. How to Brew very fine Welsh Ale. How to Brew Strong Beer, or Ale.

How to Refine Beer, Ale, Wine or Cider. Extract of Malt, for Coughs. Remarks on Home Made Wines. A rich and pleasant Wine.

Black Currant Wine, very fine. On the Management of Cows, &c.

To Prepare Rennet to Turn the Milk. How to Preserve Cheese Sound.

How to make Sage Cheese. How to make Cream Cheese. How to Preserve Butter for Winter the Best Way.

How to Manage Cream for Whey Butter. How to scald Cream, as in the West of England.

How to keep Milk and Cream. Gallino Curds and Whey, as in Italy.

How to Choose Butter at Market. How to choose Eggs at Market, and to preserve them. COOKERY FOR THE SICK AND FOR THE POOR. A clear broth that will keep long. A very supporting Broth against any kind of weakness. A very nourishing Veal Broth. Broth of Beef, Mutton and Veal.

Panada, made in five minutes. Sippets when the stomach will not receive meat.

A refreshing drink in a fever. Soft and fine draught for those who are weak and have a cough. Cure for a recent cold or cough. Buttermilk, with Bread or Without. An excellent soup for the weakly. VARIOUS RECEIPTS AND DIRECTIONS TO SERVANTS. How to Make Soft Pomatum. How to cement Broken China.

An excellent Stucco which will adhere to Wood-work. Roman Cement or Mortar, for outside plastering or brick work. How to take stains out of any kind of linen. How to make flannels keep their colour and not shrink.

How to preserve furs and woolens from moths. How to dye the linings of furniture, &c. How to dye gloves to look like York tan or Limerie, according to the deepness of the dye. How to dye white gloves a beautiful purple. A liquor to wash old Deeds, &c. On Paper or Parchment, when the writing is obliterated, or when sunk to make it legible.

How to prevent the Rot in sheep. How to prevent green Hay from firing. How to clean Calico Furniture when taken down for the summer. How to preserve gilding and clean it. How to clean Paper hangings.

How to give a fine colour Mahogany. How to take ink out of Mahogany. How to dust carpets and floors. How to give to Boards a beautiful appearance. How to extract Oil from boards or stone.

How to blacken the fronts of stone chimney pieces. How to take stains out of marble. How to take iron stains out of marble. How to preserve Irons from rust. How to take rust out of steel.

How to clean the back of the Grate, the Inner Hearth and the fronts of Cast Iron Stoves. How to take the black off the bright Bars of polished stoves in a few minutes.

How to clean tin covers and patent pewter Porter-pots. How to prevent the creaking of a door. A strong paste for Paper.

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1862 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Victorian Vintage Cookery RECIPES Pastry Game Beer Wine